Zizou’s legacy isn’t at risk, is it?

Zenedine Zidane is the person who has given us Real Madrid fans a lot to cherish for a lifetime during his first tenure as a manager. A Real Madrid legend took the reigns of the first team on January 4th of 2016 and the rest as you all know is history. He created “The Real Madrid Dynasty” – 3 UEFA Champions League in a row. A feat which will gain more respect as years go by. The team which he had managed to put together was nothing short of an army fighting like it is the last battle of their lives. A world class team which was so balanced in all aspects the game. Players of tremendously gifted individual quality to make up for the positional errors in defensive transition and a team so lethal going forward giving opposition defenders nightmares. A tons of comebacks in the last minute, crucial half time changes which made many games turn head-on, tactical tweaks which made the team unpredictable. 9 trophies in 2 years and 5 months is no simple feat to achieve. All these moments of joy which he has given us have made the Santiago Bernabeu light up the second Zizou is seen wearing his black suit and standing by the sidelines passing orders as the game goes on. After all these memories were etched in our minds he decided to leave us on 31st of May 2018 on a high note which was quite a shock to the footballing world.

283 days after resigning Zidane is back at the helm of the first team, promising a revolution. The whole fan base had something to look forward to once again given his return. The blunders of 2018/19 season were forgotten the fans saw him take back the managerial role. But today if we analyze the pre-season, we are back at square one. The 7-3 humiliation at the hands of our city rivals has turned every persons head. A lot of questions are being asked, “Is Zidane actually a good tactician?”, “Where is the revolution that was promised?”, “Are we going to win anything this season?”. With all these questions arising and the widely known patience of the Bernabeu is getting lost amidst all these. After spending nearly 300 million dollars for bringing in re-inforcements the first team of Real Madrid doesn’t look in good shape. A crazy footballing world where a person can go from Hero to Zero in just a matter of few weeks.

I understand as a Madrista that the RMCF fanbase is the most demanding in the whole world. But my question is “Are we doing more harm by not backing the team and the coach?”. Zidanes’ return was a dream come true for all of us. But as it stands today we are seeing articles about our beloved Zizou being sacked. I am writing this article because I had dreamt of beautiful football from a team which Zidane is in the process of forming. A footballing entity which will be remembered for its style. A period where Real Madrid will always be the favourite to win the Champions League. I won’t say I can’t see it coming anytime soon by watching the team play as a unit in this pre-season. But I definitely feel Zidane is a man on a mission. If we all be a little patient he is completely capable of giving us fans a lot of moments to cherish, just like he has already done, as a player and as a manager. A team which never accepts defeat until the last second will definitely be formed given some time.

As everything stands today the question which pops up in my mind is “Is Zenedine Zidane’s legacy in risk?”. Yes it is. And we are all to blame. A team which has lost it’s life after winning so much is finding it difficult to bounce back. But, what are we doing? What are we as the fans of the greatest club in the history of football doing, complaining at the first sight of a loss, being impatient like little kids who haven’t been given the candy which was promised. It is high time to back the team like never before. The team needs us to be with them and fight the war with them till death. Through this article I am calling out to the Madridista fanbase around the world “Let us build an environment which never breaks apart even in the toughest of times, a stadium which will be feared by oppositions because of the roars of the fans, a stadium where the Real Madrid team feels at home. We got to stop the boos and give them confidence. When Zizou has single handedly has given us so much to remember, are we not as fans capable enough to create a sense of unity inside the Bernabeu which will be spoken about in the years to come.”

Madridistas, it is high time we paid our debts.

-A Madridista